Update: This is actually a computer monitor and not a 3D TV. The new series 9 monitors will come in 23″ and 27″ and will include a built-in 3D emitter.

Samsung is showing their updated ‘9-series’ 3D TVs (this is Samsung’s high end TV series) – with a beautiful ‘curved design’:

We don’t have any technical details yet, we just know that it’s a LED-backlit LCD. The current C9000, however, is ultra-slim (.3 inch thick) and supports Full-HD at 240Hz. The TV has built-in Wi-Fi (with Internet-Apps support) and a touch-screen remote that can show live TV via Wi-Fi. So we can guess that the new 9-series will have all that, and more. As soon as we have more information we are going to post a super detailed review. In the meantime you can check our friends at HopsReview for more information and marketing reviews.

Samsung will also unveil new Series-7 3D TVs at CES. We’ll keep you updated!

via SamsungTomorrow