There era many wired devices that still exist, and people sue them, but they sometimes become very irritating as wires become cluttered, and this even lead to damaging or breaking of the cables. So wireless technology was invented. The technology was started in the 19th century, and now it has been developed to a much higher level. The technology is still under development. People are using the technology to communicate, connect to the internet, and many others. Here we will discuss various types of wireless technologies.

Satellite Communication

This is wireless communication, which is spread all over the world. People can connect even if they are separated by a long distance. In this technology, a signal is sent to the satellite, which provides energy to the message and sends it back to the antenna receiver. The two main components of this technology are the space segment and the ground segment. The equipment used in the ground segment can be mobile transmission or a receiver, and the space segment includes the satellite.

Infrared Communication

This system uses infrared radiation to communicate with various devices. The wavelength of this radiation is more significant than that of red light. The technology is used in TV remote control, security control, and other short-range communication. The main components required for this type of transmission include a photo LED transmitter and photodiode receptor. The task of the LED transmitter is to transmit the light, and the receptor stores it.

Broadcast Radio

This is the first wireless technology and is still in use nowadays. There are multichannel radios, which users can use to speak over shirt distances. The maritime radios were used by the sailors to communicate. Data can be easily shared with Ham radio. This technology is also used for digital communication over a radio frequency spectrum.

The sound is broadcasted by an audio broadcasting service in the form of radio waves through the air. There is a transmitter, which is used to transmit data from the radio to the radio receiving antenna. Simulcast, syndication, or both formats are used to broadcast the data.

Microwave Communication

This type of communication uses radio waves whose wavelengths are measured in centimeters. There are two methods in which data can be transmitted. The first one is a satellite, and the second is the terrestrial method.

In the satellite method, the data is transmitted to the satellite whose distance is 22300 miles. The data are sent and received to and from the stations — the frequency of sending and receiving data ranges between 11 GHz to 14 GHz. The speed of transmission of information ranges between 1 Mbps and 10 Mbps.

In the terrestrial method, there are two towers, and there should be no obstacle between them. The frequency of data transmission is 4 GHz to 6 GHz, and the data transmission speed is 1 Mbps to 10 Mbps. The signals are disrupted by rains, and this is the main disadvantage of this type of communication.


Wi-Fi is a wireless technology, which comes with meager power. This technology can be used in laptops, mobiles, tablets, and other such devices. Users need to install a router for Wi-Fi communication. This technology is used in networking applications, which are protected by passwords.

Bluetooth Technology

Users can use this technology to connect various devices wirelessly with each other for communication. Information can be easily transmitted from one device to the other with the help of this technology.

Wrapping Up

These are wireless technology, which people can use for wireless communications. People will soon get rid of the cluttered wires because of this technology. The technology is still under development and has a good future.