The Fraunhofer institute, University of Kiel and RealEyes is showing a new technology that enables 3D posters for large (up to 5 meters) outdoors advertisements. And these do not require any glasses.

The researchers say that the display are similar to the lenticular images we’ve seen on postcards. But instead of the grooved sheet with the image attached, the new posters use a lens array – 250,000 lenses, each 2 millimeters in diameter. The 3D image can be viewed from the other side of the street, and the image appearance changes with each step and adjusts to the visual angle.

They have already built a DIN-A0 (1 sq meter) poster prototype, and they say that commercialization of larger posters (3 to 5 sq meters) is possible during 2011.


Today it  has been achieved and  it is being  commercialized  in Spain, such images with lenses of 1.25 mm or 20-inch lenses.Actually, this technology is not new, if it is true that recent times are getting an excellent quality,  almost, these days, it has gotten to produce  it  industrially  with a really very low cost.The optimal size at the moment is a traditional MUPI (1.2m. X 1.8m high).  It’s true you might get a panel of five meters cracked, but the problem lies in the placement of such portions in the same plane,   they must be perfectly flat  without any kind of inclination,  so  this would give us a picture also cracked.