Human eyes are capable of viewing 3D images, and when people see these 3D images and films of the screen, they have the feeling that they are considering the real world on the screen. Many computer monitors are now available that display 3D images. Let us know about 3D graphics and 3D displays

3D Displays and 3D Graphics

3D graphics is not a new concept as many types of games and other virtual programs are being used for the past many years. 3D graphics are three-dimensional images that can be easily viewed on a 2D display. It is similar to view programs on a television screen.

3D displays are designed in such a way that people can have the perception of 3D images and graphics. To do this, the show is developed in such a way that each eye looks at the pictures with different views and let the brain interpret the image as a 3D image. The display will still be two-dimensional, but the film will be three-dimensional.

Types of 3D Displays

There are many types of 3D displays, which are discussed here.

3D Display with Shutter Technology

It is the most common form of 3D visualization. In this type of show, the images are altered with the help of LCD glasses that are synchronized with the display. These glasses alternate two images between the eyes. This technology is being used in computers for many years with the help of some specialized hardware.

LCD Displays

Individual glasses are not used in this type of display. This display is manufactured by using the parallax barrier, which is a particular type of filter used in LCD film. This helps in transferring lights at different angles. The result is that images shift slightly between two eyes. The disadvantage of this display is that 3D models can be formed on small screens and nit the big ones.

Volumetric Displays

The latest technology has been used in this display, but it has not still been applied in consumer goods. In this technology, there is a series of rotating or laser LEDs that represent images in a light which has the capability of filling up a three-dimensional space. One of the significant disadvantages of this technology is that ample space is needed for the image to be displayed. Lack of color is another disadvantage, and also, this technology is very costly.

Virtual Reality Goggles

The latest trend in viewing 3D images and motion pictures is the usage of virtual reality goggles. This technology is still under development has been very much different from other displays, whether 2D or 3D. Users have to wear these goggles, and each eye will see the image separately, and the 3D model will be generated. The main disadvantage is that it results in nausea and motion sickness. Another problem with this technology is its price, which is very high.

Benefits of 3D Displays

3D technology is best for usage in the field of entertainment and science. The technology has already added to the theaters to display 3D motion pictures. The main of the theater owners is to force people to come and watch the movies in the theaters. This option will increase the revenue of the theaters. Another place where the 3D graphics is being used is computer games. These games are very addictive, and people do not want to leave the game until they finish it to the last stage.

Wrapping Up

3D technology is still under development, and users will have better experience in the future while watching movies or playing games. Some of the techniques used currently are giving good results in increasing the revenue while some are very expensive.